Pose Band


Rebecca Jensen‘s Pose Band debuted at the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Aura exchange, expressive scarf dancing and cloning. Iridescent unison and photogenic dances unfold again and again, each time slightly different. Everything is multiplied instantaneously without a concern with what meaning might be lost in the process of replication. Jpegs are deteriorating, the ensemble blurs out of focus but the pictures will be great. Group dances are created from stillness’s as an ensemble of performers work their way through a choreography of becoming something they are not.

Presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy
Melbourne Fringe Festival, Northcote Town Hall
Supported by PACT Vacant Room

By: Rebecca Jensen

Matthew Adey (lighting design and tech support)
Corinna Berndt
Amanda Betlehem
Georgia Bettens
Tessa Kate Broadby
Hillary Goldsmith
Rachel Heller-Wagner
Jonathan Brian Homesy
Chad William McLachlan
Tim McPoland
Shi Shi Law
Emily Jayne Robinson
Frances Fleetwood Wilkinson



All images courtesy of the artist and Greta Costello